COVID-19 Response

***UPDATE*** We will be changing our hours of operation to TUESDAY and THURSDAY from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. An ID and proof of address are no longer needed to receive assistance. Simply show up and we’ll get you the help you need.

We have been keeping an eye on the current Coronavirus situation and are worried that it could easily spread to an already at-risk population through our Food & Resource Center. Out of an abundance of caution, we will be offering prepared food boxes instead of our client-choice pantry.

We are asking that clients pull to the north side of our building where they would typically park, stay in their cars, and we will load their boxes for them. Please follow these guidelines when receiving food:

  • Please stay in your car when you pull up to receive your groceries. Many people have tried to help us unload, and we really appreciate it, but we want to maintain six feet of distance. 
  • Have your trunk cleaned out before you arrive. In order to keep six feet between us, we do not want to load groceries into the back seat of your car. 
  • Please try to limit the number of families per car to two. We’ve had a really hard time fitting groceries into cars for three or more families. 

We are excited to have volunteers back in the building! We ask that all volunteers wear a mask. All volunteer stations will be set up at a minimum of 6 feet apart. Please email if you have any questions.

The best way to support us right now is through monetary donations. We need your help to keep serving our community, especially with the increase in families being served. Click the button below to donate today!

We are still dedicated to serving those in need around us, especially through this confusing and difficult time. We will keep you updated on when we plan to return to our usual system.