Emergency Disaster Relief
The Mission has a long history of providing services to victims of disaster. We have been a part of the Presbyterian Church's disaster response team since the Murrah Building bombing and continued to serve families during the May 3rd tornadoes, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and subsequent storms. The Mission is a member agency of VOAD, Volunteer Agencies Active in Disasters.  VOAD coordinates people and resources to best meet the immediate needs after the event and has a solid response plan in place to expedite services to the victims as well as coordinate volunteers so as not to duplicate efforts. We are always encouraged by the tremendous response from the community to help those affected by a disaster and the Mission's role is to provide for immediate needs such as food and basic household and personal items.  Later during the recovery process, we also provide furniture and other goods. We request that donated items be new, not used and to PLEASE not donate clothing. financial donations are always the most effective method to help others in the aftermath of a disaster. Once the media is finished covering the event and begins to focus on other news, donations tend to dwindle, so it is very important to remember that the needs will be just as great or greater several months down the road to recovery. The Mission is committed to serving until the needs are all met.

Food Resource Center

The Mission has provided food to families since 1972. A few years ago we upgraded our food program to a client choice model which allows the families we serve to choose the items they want or need the most; allowing them their dignity in a tough situation. With support from grants and the partnership with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, we became the first Food Resource Center in Oklahoma, providing fresh produce, canned and frozen foods and hygiene items in a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere. Volunteers assist clients with their shopping and also provide much needed emotional support. The response to the new system has been overwhelming and we now assist on average over 200 people each day. We rely heavily upon the support of our donors and volunteers to keep the FRC stocked and manned, so we encourage churches and organizations to hold food drives, collect hygiene products or provide volunteers to help those most in need in our community.  If you would like to volunteer click HERE, if you would like to donate to our many programs, click HERE.

 FRC is Open:  Mon-Tues-Wed  1pm - 4pm
                Thursday 1pm - 6pm
     3rd Saturday of each month 9am - 12pm



Mission Marketplace

The Mission Marketplace is an upscale thrift store operated by our volunteers.  They sell discount items to the general public.  All of the revenue goes directly back into the Mission’s many programs.

Hours- Tues, Wed, and Thurs 9am-2pm


Mission Marketplace



SPARK (Support Program  of Art and Reading for Kids) is an after-school program that provides a safe, accessible place for area children grades K-5 to go after school.  Volunteers from the community act as mentors and tutors and assist them in completing homework assignments and increasing their reading skills.  Other activities include crafts, games, recreations, computer time and writing.  The program focus is for children who attend Kaiser elementary, however enrollment is open to any child in need.  During the summer months SPARK extends to an all day program.  The kids come from 8am-3:00pm.  The focus still remains on reading skills, but the kids also take weekly field trips.

The goal of this program is to instill hope and confidence in the youth of Oklahoma.  The children are given the tools they need to succeed in an ever demanding world.  The Urban Mission believes that

 financial instability in the family should never keep a student from receiving the proper tools to participate in school and succeed in life.


Summer SPARK



After-School Hours-Mon-Thur 3:30 - 6:00pm

Summer Hrs-Mon-Thur 8:30a-3:30p

  Kid's Cafe

This program works in conjunction with the SPARK program and provides nutrition education as well as hot, nutritious meals to the children in program. Kid’s Cafe was started at the Mission by the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.  After the success at our site, they have since started many other programs.  In the past two years over 12,000 meals have been provided to kids in need through this program.  The children also have a Kid’s Café Garden in which they grow and harvest their own food.  The children learn about gardening, how to read and prepare recipes, and how to use kitchen utensils.




Kids Cafe'

Back-to-School Program


The Back-to-School program at The Urban Mission works to ensure that all Oklahoman students are able to participate in school with the proper tools to succeed.  Having school supplies and backpacks are luxuries that lower income families cannot afford, thus “free” education takes a back seat to more immediate needs.  We provide low-income students with the same school supplies as their peers so that they can start off in school with the same tools as everyone else.

Want to help?

Click HERE for a printable list
of needed School Supplies

New Backpacks for Kids

Santa Store

    "Helping Santa reach every child”.  Each holiday season the Mission comes together in partnership with local businesses and churches to provide gifts, and food to families in need.  Every year we sign up over 500 children for our Santa Store.  If you would like to donate toys or other items, please take a look at our 2014 Wish List for some guidelines. If you would like to volunteer for our 2014 Santa Store please click HERE or email below for more information and times.


    Want to volunteer for Santa Store?

    Call us at 946-1556 or email


Christmas is for Children