Last year we provided over 760,000 pounds of food for nearly 9,000 families.

As a client-choice food resource center, we seek to maintain our client’s dignity and self-worth when they come to us for assistance. Our system not only provides clients with fresh produce, meat, and non-perishables, but also the hope of getting back on their feet.




I can’t believe this. My grocery cart hasn’t been this full in years.

We’ll be able to actually sit down and eat things we wouldn’t have been able to eat.



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Urban Mission

February 13, 2015

Client Success Stories

Although we love serving our clients through our many programs, our greatest success comes when a client needs our services. This month a client called to tell us that our assistance  helped them get back on their feet. This client let us know that they have appreciated our kindness and smiles while he was going through a difficult time. He was triumphant in letting us know that the help we provided him in that moment gave him hope that things could get better. There is nothing greater than hearing our clients say that our programs helped them overcome food insecurity.

Pancake Breakfast

Love pancakes and coffee? Join us for our annual Pancake Breakfast on Feb. 21. Tickets are sold at the door. Adults pay $5.00 and children under 12 pay $2.00. We will be providing tours of our Food Resource Center, so please stop by and see how we impact our community.

Happy Valentines Day

Thank you for all of the love that you have shown us over the years!


of clients surveyed in the month of January said that the groceries they received in our Food Resource Center lasted them two weeks or more. This allows clients to focus on other priorities rather than worrying about feeding their families.